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Dan Fraser (UK) & Johannes Single (D) - Traditional Folk Music

Two Folkies, Dan Fraser and Johannes Single, met in November 2000 in a town somewhere in the south of Germany playing with their former bands 'the banned' and 'manic depressions' at a local band contest... and ended up playing folk songs till late at night... And this night is known as the beginning of one of Germany's finest trad folk bands, 'The McMontos'... well, Dan went on 2 years later, leaving the band and Germany, bound for his home country to the town he was born, Chelmsford in Essex, UK. Catching up on an occasional basis during the last few years both decided in 2019 to create a new duo, bringing their long experience as musicians, their talents and voices together after 17 years... Well, and this is it, Single & Fraser's Folk Experience Double Booking... Have a nice pint and enjoy!

Tür: 18.00  -  Beginn: 20.30  -  Eintritt frei!

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